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At the top of the screw category, self-tapping threads.

The Savannah®-T High-Top Pedicle Screw

The Savannah®-T DualFix™ Cortical Cancellous Pedicle Screw System is designed with dual threads and optimized for cortical and cancellous bone purchase. Featuring self-tapping “Grip Quick®” Thread, the Savannah-T DualFix Screw maintains same pitch for easy delivery.

The Savannah-T High-Top Pedicle Screw features:

  • Implant-grade Titanium Alloy (Ti 6Al-4V ELI).
  • Cannulated screws.
  • Self-tapping “Grip Quick®” Thread.
  • Straight or pre-lordosed 5.5mm bulleted rods.
  • Rods in 5mm increments from 30mm-130mm.
  • Rods in 25mm increments from 15mm-200mm.
  • Set screws to prevent tulip splaying.
  • Anti-cross threads in tulip and set screw.
  • Easy release break away towers.
  • Connected Tab or Open Top options.
  • Minimally invasive delivery to reduce soft tissue disruption.
  • 13mm extended thread for rod reduction.

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