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Growth of Outpatient Spine Surgery: What to Watch for Surgeons

Growth of Outpatient Spine Surgery: What to Watch for Surgeons

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The changing tides of the healthcare industry have shown a significant decrease in inpatient care and surgical procedures. This isn’t merely a blip in the radar, either. Over the last 16 years, there have been measurable decreases in inpatient visitation across the board. The reasons and incentives for this change in patient access abound, as innovation meets patient demands and needs. Convenience, cost, and care are all main drivers in this trend toward outpatient spine surgeries as patients are given an equal level of quality to past inpatient procedures.

Here are the Top 4 changes in outpatient spine surgeries you’ll want to know:

Surgeons are Gravitating Toward Technology and Innovation.

With our latest contributions in innovation, implants and biologics, we make the surgeon’s job even easier, making the patient’s recovery and care top priority.

Robotics Allow for the Most Minimally Invasive Procedure Possible.

Minimally invasive surgical technologies, through robotics, expedite both procedure and healing time. Think of time-savings and level of comfort in an outpatient office. This correlates to cost-effectiveness and makes it even more compelling to harness the next wave of technologies available.

Care at the Highest Level, for the Most Patients Possible.

With nearly a million spinal surgeries performed in 2015 alone, surgeons will be looking toward the most effective means to treat the most patients. Our devices, paired with the latest and greatest in medical technologies, contribute to giving even more patients relief in the pain they are experiencing.

Time is of the Essence.

With a growing trend in patients seeking attention for spinal pain relief, technology is meeting the demand to provide surgeons the most successful and efficient means to treat even more patients.

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06 04, 16